About Hurliman Casters Corp.

Hurliman Casters Corp. manufacture the widest range of Castor and Trolley wheel are widely used in shopping trolleys,furniture,medical instruments,handcart, industrial apparatus,Industrial trolley and rack,etc.Our wheels are well resistance to oil, Steam, Gas and other liquids and fluids.Our wheels are anti skid in nature and are well abrasion resistance.these wheels and casters are antistatic due to which they are suitable in hospital industry. Hurliman Casters Corp. manufacture other casters and wheels for numerous Industries as per their design and specifications.

Hurliman Casters Corp. Caster Wheel , Trolley Wheel are suitable and are used in constructions, shipping, automotive, railways, mining, cement, chemical, machine tools, steel, oil exploration, agriculture and various other Industries, where safety and stands are of utmost important.

Hurliman Casters Corp. in the only manufacturer in India offering widest range and types of casters wheel in every size and color. Our wheels enables the user to choose correct type and size acording to their load utilisation and can save delays in production schedule.

Regarding Products Design and quality assurance, Hurliman Casters Corp. Trolley Wheel ,Caster Wheel is designed and manufactured conforming to Hurliman Casters Corp. quality assurance backed by well equipped independent laboratory having a team of creative Engineers,Technical and dedicated workers specialising in this line. Hurliman Casters Corp. manufactures the wheels with the best raw material procured from the best-reputed sources in India and abroad. We twist and turn and torture the wheels and casters through stringent physical and chemical test to ensure that when material reaches you there is no scope for rejection of a single piece.

We assure you for our Quality Products and a personalised service at all times and look forward for an ever-lasting buissness relationship.Kindly do not hesitate us to contact us for any enquiry.


Vikas Gupta

Heavy Duty Caster Wheel CI Wheel Bonded Rubber Wheel 6x2
Heavy Duty Caster Wheel CI Wheel Bonded Rubber Wheel

We offer wide range of heavy duty casterwheel. These wheels are available in various sizes and are very sturdy and their load carrying capacity. These can also be customized as per the specific requirement of our clients.

Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel, Cast Iron Wheel, Cast Iron V-Groove Wheel, Heavy Duty Ductile Wheel, Heavy Duty Ductle V-Groove Wheel, Crown Tread Heavy Duty Ductile Wheel, Nylon Wheel, Glass-filled Nylon Wheel (Fiberglass Wheel), Glass-filled Nylon V-Groove Wheel, Pneumatic Wheel

Spare rubber wheel ,spare rubber wheel ,rubber wheel 5x1, rubber wheel 4x2 ,Rubber wheel ,Rubber tyre Wheels with disc,bonded rubber wheel 6x2.